The Consumer Advocate in Accessible Transportation

My Mobility Path, LLC is centered around making the mobility industry more accommodating and transparent to individuals and families in need.

Man in wheelchair

My Mobility Path, LLC is the right place for:

  • Retail, Trade In and Private Party Values for Accessible Vehicles
  • Assistance in getting financing through your own bank or credit union.
  • Replacement value and insurance assistance for totalled mobility vehicles
  • An inventory of mobility vehicles rated for looks, frame integrity and mechanical condition.
  • A way to sell your conversion vehicle quickly.
  • A way for end users to provide input in the products and providers in the mobility market.

The Mobility Plight

  • If you are looking for transportation solutions, and are in the mobility market, you will first begin a search for your options and where to go for solutions.
  • As the consumer, you want to know that you are getting a good price and that you can find something online confirming fair market value.
  • You’ll want to know that the vehicle or adaptive product you are thinking about is going to be your best fit for years to come.
  • Then there are the “what ifs”.  What if I had an accident or my vehicle broke down?  Can I handle the expense or loss?